Immunotherapy Allergy Shots Side Effects & Cost

Having allergies is no fun, regardless of whether you’re the sneezing or scratching type. Immunotherapy allergy shots have been developed to help sufferers find permanent relief from the symptoms of their allergies.

What is allergy shot?

Immunotherapy allergy treatment is a method used to treat allergies by introducing increasing amounts of the substance that you’re allergic to in your system intravenously to increase your resistance towards it, making you less sensitive to the allergen.

The number of immunotherapy allergy shots and the frequency which these will be administered will depend on your condition. For example, some patients may only need to take allergy shots once a week, while there may be those who may require it for a longer period of time, even lasting for years to get rid of the problem permanently.

Because of the permanent effect of immunotherapy allergy shots, this is a great option for those who suffer from chronic allergies, including those who have asthma and allergic rhinitis. However, not all those who are suffering from allergies are advised to take this treatment. This is usually recommended only to patients who have heightened sensitivity toward allergens.

Immunotherapy allergy shots aren’t administered immediately. Instead, the patient and the doctor work together to identify the cause behind the allergy symptoms. Skin and blood tests may be conducted to identify what the triggers are. It’s only when the allergens have been identified that the shots will be administered.

Do note that it’s possible for the patient to experience anaphylactic shock as a reaction to the administration of immunotherapy allergy shots. Doctors will try to monitor this by observing you for about 30 minutes after the shot has been administered to see if you’ll be showing any allergic reactions to the shot. It’s possible for you to experience these side effects after that 30-minute window has elapsed. Should that happen, be sure to go to your doctor or to the emergency room immediately.

Immunotherapy allergy shots cost

Immunotherapy allergy shots can cost between $170 and $290 per year, however, this can change depending on what shots you’re taking, the doctor administering these shots, and your health care coverage.